• Dr Anyda Stein

So how do I approach helping my patients to get the best care?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Let me start by saying I am a registered dentist in Australia and a member of the Australian Dental Association...then also I study. I completed my dental degree at the University of Otago in the year 2000 with second class honours. Good dentists study. A LOT. There are many areas of dentistry that I am interested in but currently I am following the Dawson Academy's program (they're a group of wonderful dentists in the USA who care about complete care, making good dentists even better... more of that to come later!). So I am a member of the Dawson Academy in the USA.

Well then after that... every patient is different. And everyone has different dental needs. But you must not forget that behind those teeth are beautiful people who each have an interesting life. So I believe in connecting with these people and their interests. I care about your health... all of it... and I look at the whole. If you need a medical issue attended to, that's not my domain, but I will refer you to the right doctor if I see something can be done about your concerns. Like I said there are issues only specialists and medical professionals can look at. For example there are many medical conditions that can be diagnosed from the mouth, including airway issues, sleep problems that can lead to other complex medical concerns like heart problems etc. The list goes on... I look carefully at your medical history and how it affects your dental health.

So I work together with other professionals to get you healthy. Then I take care of your oral health and I will do a complete exam and look at all the issues so that we can arrive at a conclusive diagnosis for your whole mouth. And we can sit down and talk about all the options available to get you healthy, without decay and infection. Then from there, once we have stabilised the biological issues, we can look at the functional problems of your bite that have led to wear and broken teeth. We don't just want to jump into doing crowns and veneers without looking at your bite and all the functional issues that got you where you are today... otherwise your dentistry will fail! So fail to plan is plan to fail and from here on we do a treatment plan to get you to your destination... a healthy and functional plus beautiful smile!


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