• Dr Anyda Stein

Great News!

Hi fellow Victorians! We just got an email from the ADA today telling us it will be ok to move to level 2 restrictions for dental from the 28th of September 2020, and level 1 from the 26th of October.

That means we can now safely treat you and do your dental treatment, providing we apply the right screening measures and protocols for COVID19 regulations, although some treatments may need to be modified for us to practice safely.

So there's a lot I will be able to do for you from the 28th of September. If you have an urgent issue now that you are worried will get worse, you can come sooner.

From October 28th we will be able to practice as 'normal' again, with some other protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID19.

All of this news is fantastic, because it means that I can help you go forward with your treatment planning for the future and get your mouth healthy! Some of you may have experienced some dental issues in this time of lockdown also. It would be a good idea to book an appointment so we can get onto it ASAP before things get worse.

For those patients who are more in the Northern parts of Melbourne, keep watching this space :) for updates that will hopefully come soon.

I can also be found at Liberty Dental in Wheelers Hill. See you soon!

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