• Dr Anyda Stein

Why I became a Dentist...

So in 1996 I completed the Health Sciences year at Otago University in New Zealand. I was still trying to work out what I should do with my life. At the end of that year we were asked to fill in a form to apply for the different health science degrees. To be honest I never even remember that I ticked the 'Dentistry' box on the form. I was actually offered optometry and was going to go ahead with that. But for some reason I decided to go down to Otago and investigate whether I should be a dentist. So I went up to the first floor of the dental school and banged on the front desk...I said to the receptionist...'I would like to see someone to find out why I should become a dentist!'... She directed me to the Hospital Dentistry Department where I met with Dr Eithne MacFadyen who was just brilliant to talk to. She said, 'Anyda, to be a dentist there are two things you need to be good at...1. Working with people and loving to be with people, and 2. Working with your hands'. We it just so happens that I love people and I'm also a left hander and ambidextrous. So I guess I was born to be a dentist.


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